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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are The Nazareth Trust?

We trace our roots back to 1861 with the foundation of Dr. Kaloost Vartan’s four-bed clinic in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth, in present day Israel. The Nazareth Trust is a unique Christian organisation which operates the Nazareth Academic School of Nursing, the Nazareth Hospital EMMS, the Nazareth Village, and SERVE Nazareth program. More information can be found here.

What will my duties with SERVE Nazareth entail?

This depends partly on your skills and interests, as well as our placement needs. Tasks in our placements usually involve practical service, relational evangelism and spiritual ministry. These can involve a variety of roles suited to your skills, maybe helping at Kids’ summer camps, praying with patients and staff, helping in our First Century Village or serving as a nurse aide on a ward. Often there are special projects that you could be involved in, so don’t forget to ask about these as you might be just the person we need!

What is the structure of SERVE?

SERVE Nazareth is overseen by Christine Farah and Jane Shurrush. You can find out more about them on our ‘Meet the Staff’ page.

What level of pastoral care is available for SERVErs?

Our staff members are on hand throughout the day to help you settle into Nazareth and your placement and to deal with any challenges that might arise. We also have our full-time chaplain and Spiritual Director available for your care.

Why choose Nazareth?

SERVE Nazareth has been connecting Christians from around the world with ministries in Jesus’ hometown since 2010. Its unique location allows you to live where Jesus lived, learn about cross cultural ministry, SERVE the community, and grow in your relationship with God. You can read testimonials from our SERVErs, past and present, here.

What is including in my SERVE Nazareth fees?

The cost of the program is $950 per month and this covers food as provided by our kitchen, lodging, transport to and from Ben Gurion airport in Israel, a day trip once a month and just about everything, except snacks, souvenirs and personal travel.

For less than a month the cost is $40 per person, per day, for accommodation and food.

When can I come to Nazareth?

The SERVE programme is flexible and runs throughout the year so just ask about the timing you need!

What is the application process for SERVE?

You can apply online for SERVE Nazareth. This should take around 20 minutes to an hour. After we receive the application and reference forms, we interview each candidate via Skype. From this point forward, if a person is accepted, they will begin the fundraising and preparation process for serving in Nazareth.

Does SERVE provide university accreditation?

Occasionally it may be possible to get accreditation for your time with SERVE Nazareth but this would have to be addressed by your university or college, on a case-by-case basis.

Will I get to see more of Israel while in Nazareth?

SERVE Nazareth organises monthly day trips for SERVErs to Biblical sites throughout Israel, such as the beautiful Sea of Galilee, Haifa’s Mount Carmel, and the Mediterranean Sea. You will also have free time at the weekends to travel to Jerusalem or other sites with volunteers.