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SERVE volunteer programmes

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SERVE Nazareth programmes are flexible and designed to fit with any schedule. There is something for everyone, whether this is a once in a lifetime trip to both SERVE and SEE the Holy Land, a trip with a group, a long term individual commitment or the first of many visits – we will work with you to find the right programme for your needs.

Year-round Programmes

The year round SERVE programme is designed for groups or individuals, with the chance to stay for 1 week to 1 year!

From students to retirees, and everyone in between, we aim to make the most of your gifts and skills with a variety of opportunities. Whether you’re picking olives in a First Century village, teaching English, working in a children’s camp, working on a building or renovation project or praying with patients as part of our chaplaincy team, you’ll work alongside local people sharing the light of Christ daily.

Your $950 per month* includes room and board, 2 placements, chapel services, monthly day trips and education and development opportunities.

Or for a shorter stay, $40 per day* will cover your room, board and placements, with the opportunity to join additional activities should you wish to take part.

SERVE as a Group

There are lots of opportunities to be part of SERVE Nazareth as a group. Whether you’d like to join us a church team, school, tour group or anything else, there’s something here for you. Take a look at our ‘Bring a Group’ page to find out more.


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*costs correct as of May 2019